Bombshell Investigative Report – Did Dominion Switch Trump Votes to Biden?

Dominion allegedly switched Trump votes to Biden and deleted many from both candidates. Is that actually true?

President Trump is promoting a report that claims hundreds of thousands of votes for him were lost or were switched to Biden. In his tweet, he tagged One America News Network and their reporter Chanel Rion. But the report is not from OANN. 

A user who goes by name Pedeinspector posted an analysis on the pro-Trump blog He claims that hundreds of thousands of Trump votes were switched to Biden by Dominion, the company that creates voting machines that are used in dozens of American states and overseas. 

Full Report: Did Dominion Switch Trump Votes to Biden?

Over 220,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden in Pennsylvania. No wonder the president lost that state by 40,000 votes. Close to a million votes were lost from both candidates. 

In Michigan, another battle ground state that Trump lost, 20,213 votes were stolen from Trump and given to Biden. 

In every state that used Dominion, tens of thousands of votes were switched from Trump to Biden or simply disappeared. 

In California, where there was no need to cheat because Cali will never go red, close to 8,000 votes for Trump were awarded to Joe Biden. You call this a free and fair election. Shame on you! 

The Gateway Pundit republished it on their website and the internet was lit.

So how did Pedeinspector conducted his analysis? I am assuming that Pede is a guy

He got the actual vote count data from the New York Times website. This data is provided by Edison Research and many mainstream news organizations like NBC News, CBS News, CNN and Fox News use it.

He then processed the raw data to look for anomalies like this one. In this image that he posted on his blog post, Pedeinspector claims that by 4:07 AM on Nov 4 Trump had 56.6% of the total vote counted so far in Pennsylvania and Joe Biden had 42%. 

In the next one minutes, 54 votes were added to the total but Trump lost a whopping 0.6% from his ratio and Biden gained the exact amount. 

Pede is claiming that there is a secret algorithim running in the background of Dominion systems which was switching votes from Trump to Biden. And in other anomalies that he found, thousands of votes for both candidates were lost.

In an effort to be completely transparent, Pede uploaded the data sets that he used and his methodology online. According to him anyone can replicate the process and reach the same conclusion. 

That is where I come in. I am an independent investigative journalist and my job is to report on issues that the mainstream news media is ignoring. Few days ago I posted a short documentary about criminal negligence for not allowing poll watchers to do their job in a meaningful way. That is against the law and I believe that vote counts conducted without proper oversight are illegal. I want you to know that I do this not because I am a conservative or liberal. I do this because my job is to research and verify the facts and report them. You guys don’t have the time to replicate Pedeinspector’s methodology to verify the accuracy of his facts and that is where independent journalists like myself come in to fill the vacuum left by the mainstream media. 

The first thing I investigated was who is Pede? Feels like Peter Pan who steals from the rich and gives it to the poor. Biden being the rich Trump being the poor. 

Pede used “Nr.” which is the European abbreviation for the word number. In America we use “No.” and that makes me believe that he was at least born overseas. I spent a bit more time digging into it and I found a comment by Pede in which he admits to not being an American. 

I agree that his identity is irrelevant. His message is what deserves our attention. 

I used his method and I got the data directly from the New York Times website just like Pede did. 

Everything seemed to match but there was one problem: it is not true. 

You see what Pede did is that he used data from the New York Times which is formatted for The Times graphic displays. That data does not contain individual vote counts for each candidate and does not mention percentage of votes for third party candidates. PedeInspector worked backward and multiplied the total vote count with the (rounded) ratio of votes for each candidate. 

In other words, say the vote count so far is one million. Of which 80% or 800K votes belongs to the president and 20% or 200K are for Biden. Now we add 54 votes to the count and all those votes are for Biden. The ratios will now be:

Trump: 800K ÷ 1000,054 = 0.799 (or 79.9%)

Biden: 200,054 ÷ 1000,054 = 0.2000432 (or 20.00432%) 

Any analysis about exact numbers based on rounded numbers will always be wrong. If you do not want to take my word for it, let me show you what happened to the data after the example that Pede used. Immediately after that you see that Biden’s ratio is decreasing and Trump is increasing. Does that mean that the secret script is now switching Biden votes to Trump? No, that is happening because immediately after the example used by Pede, a lot of votes counted were for Trump. 

Again, I am not trying to say that there was nothing wrong with the elections. There was and I have done several videos on it. And I am also not saying that there is nothing wrong with Dominion. There are legit reports about issues with Dominion. In December 2019, three democrat senators including Elizabeth Warren and Amy Kloubachar wrote a letter to Dominion’s investors and one of their complaints was about allegations of vote switching. Just this month we saw problems in Michigan and some other states. Those reports are probably true but the report by Pedeinspector is not.   

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